Our Board of Directors is made up of members of the local community.  Our Board members share the vision and mission of the clinic

Our Vision:

The Clinic strives to create a Niagara that works together to achieve Social Justice.


NNCLA Board of Directors


Executive Directors

Natalie Chaumont – Chair

A versatile leader with strong communication skills and a passion for social justice, mentorship and collaboration. A self-motivated and resourceful administrator who promotes creative solutions for effective and efficient program delivery with a preference for working in an inclusive organization that honours the assets of diverse community partners.

Nancy Raimondo – Vice-Chair

Kristopher McEvoy – Treasurer

Krystan Saviola – Co-Secretary

Michelle Schurer – Co-Secretary


Brandon Bassett

Elizabeth Evans

Lori Flaxy

Jacquie Hendriksen

Ronalyn Meier

Gloria O’Halloran

Stephen Osborne

Terry Kirby  Acting Executive Director