Board Committees

Personnel, Policy and Planning Committee

While day-to-day personnel management is handled by the Executive Director, the PPP Committee is responsible developing and reviewing general office policies which will affect the staff.

The PPP Committee also participates in hiring and associated decisions such as salary level and probationary period.  If required, it makes the final decision with respect to disciplinary actions terminations.

The PPP committee reviews, revises and consults with interested parties on clinic policies, and may also initiate new policies as required.

Communications Committee

This committee is responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring policies and practices for outside communication.  This would include areas such as Facebook, the clinic website, media releases, computer cell phone use, etc.

Finance Committee

This committee consists of the Treasurer and any other interested member of the Board.

The committee is responsible for reviewing the clinic’s budgetary demands, and the statements of income and expenses to ensure the clinic’s expenditures are in line.

Board Development Committee

This committee is accountable for the orientation of new Board members, the ongoing education of existing Board members and the recruitment of new members.

We are also responsible for Board development and education.  Through engagement with the work of the clinic and of those offering themselves to the Board as volunteer directors we raise the capacity of both individual board members and the Board as a whole.

Public Legal Education Committee

The PLE committee is responsible for organizing and setting up legal education talks within the community. This committee will arrange for the speaker, reserve the venue and arrange for the publicity of events.

Volunteer Committee

The volunteer committee is responsible for standardizing volunteer training