Previous Board Members

Lisa North – Chair

I joined the Board in 2010, and have served as the Chair of the Board for the last two years. Being part of the Board has given me the opportunity to use my experience and skills to give back to the community. My participation on various committees has given me the opportunity to develop new skills. I also have a greater understanding of law and the challenges our clients face.

Denise Bradden – Past Chair

Since coming onto the board I have learnt a great deal about the legal clinic system in Ontario, what services are offered, what difficulties and challenges exist in the system, and what a huge difference a dynamic and innovative leader can bring to a small but essential service delivery. I have also had the experience of learning how a board operates and have become acquainted with people from different areas of the community. I am now into my fourth year on the board.

Gail Richardson – Secretary

Having been involved in supportive, social housing for a number of years, I am aware of the difficulties encountered by those who are disadvantaged when trying to deal with the legal system. After changes to the way individuals access legal aid several years ago, I saw the anxiety and frustration experienced by many, especially those with learning disabilities, language difficulties or mental health issues, when they try to navigate through the system to get the help they so desperately need. My goal in serving on the NNCLA Board is to help protect access to the legal clinic system for the most vulnerable members of Niagara.

Bill Thomas – Board Development Committee Chair

I am serving on the NNCLA Board because as a United Church minister serving Silver Spire United Church, the only church on St Paul St and the only United Church in the downtown core, it is important to know who our partners and potential partners are as we seek to engage with and support the marginalized and most disenfranchised members of society.  The Niagara North Community Legal Clinic offers a vital service to society’s most vulnerable and the Gospel calls people of faith to be involved in that service, a service that we identify as ministry.