Promoting Access to Justice

Niagara North is a legal clinic funded by Legal Aid Ontario. We are one of 57 legal clinics in Ontario. We provide access to justice in the areas of  poverty law – that means helping people with problems in their life that relate to income maintenance, tenancy, consumer issues. Access is achieved through providing:

  • Referrals, advice, brief services and representation at tribunals.
  • information about their rights to clients directly, to other community service providers and the public at large. We do this in a variety of forums – meetings, lectures, workshops, posters, our website and Facebook.
  • community outreach by helping to develop and support grassroots organizations that assist clients such a the Injured Worker Support Centre, injured workers, migrant workers, Niagara Migrant Worker Interest Group
  • law reform and advocacy to change laws either through cases in court or by changing legislation for better conditions for our clients in collaboration with other legal clinics, local groups or provincial and national organizations