Workers’ Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)

If you have an injury at work, or develop a disability or disease because of the work you do, this is a work-related disability and you are an injured worker.  Most injured workers in Ontario are entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits. The law related to Workers’ Compensation is the Workplace Safety & Insurance Act, 1997 and it is administered by the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board.

Injured workers can receive the following benefits from the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board:

  • If you lose wages because of a work-related disability, you can receive compensation for your wage loss.
  •  You also can have your medications, or other health-care expenses for your work-related disability paid for.
  •  You can have assistance in returning to work with your employer.
  •  If you cannot return to work because of your work-related disability you may be entitled to be retrained for a different kind of job that you can physically do.
  •  If you have a permanent work-related disability you can receive money for your impairment.
  •  If this permanent disability causes you to lose wages, you can receive partial or full compensation for your wage loss.  Any wage loss benefit should last while the disability lasts, or until you turn 65.

In some circumstances you can continue to receive certain benefits beyond 65.

  •  If you die as a result of your work-related disability or injury at work, your surviving spouse (and in some cases your children) can receive benefits and services

In order to apply for benefits you need to fill out a workers’ report of accident.  Either your employer or doctor should have these; if not you can contact the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board at (905) 523-1800 or toll-free at 1 (800) 263- 8488.  The Workplace Safety & Insurance Board also has a website: The form 6 can be obtained directly from the website.